European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development


The RDPE Growth Programme provides funding for projects in England which create jobs and growth in the rural economy. 

Under the RDPE Growth Programme, there are grants for:

Business Development: Helping small rural businesses grow and create more jobs. SEMLEP's local priorities are:

-enabling farming businesses to diversify into non-agricultural activities
-creating new services or manufacture of new products
-creating one full-time equivalent job for every £25,000 or less of grant investment
-creating apprenticeship jobs, lasting for a minimum of one year

Food Processing: 
Helping businesses to grow and creating more jobs. SEMLEP priorities are:

-introducing new technologies, techniques or processes, -increasing the productivity of the business
-creating new higher-skilled jobs above the current average skill level of jobs in the applicant business
-creating at least 1 full-time equivalent job for each £20,000 of grant investment
-bringing locally distinctive foods to the market, that contribute to the unique food and drink offering of the SEMLEP area
-opening new product markets to the business, potentially reducing the need for imports

Rural Tourism Infrastructure: encouraging more tourists to come, to stay longer and to spend more money in rural areas.

-creating new visitor attractions and/or leisure activities, to increase the range and quality of the rural tourism offer including the use of local suppliers, particularly for local food and drink
-creating economic benefits to a number of business, not just the applicant business
-increasing the dwell-time of visitors
-extend the visitor season between the months of October to March
-developing infrastructure to connect rural tourism businesses, including - cycleways, footpaths and local tourism signage
-creating long term sustainable jobs in the applicant business
-creating quality serviced tourist accommodation, where there is clear evidence of need and will achieve formal accreditation through industry bodies
-upgrading existing tourism accommodation to increase the current accreditation rating of the accommodation


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