Connectivity - be connected

Locate your business at the heart of the UK, where road, rail and air networks meet. Our excellent upgraded road system includes the new £200million A5-M1 link, the M1 and the A1 taking you to your customers and suppliers in minutes.  Our road, rail and air connections give you quick and easy access to Britain’s major cities and ports, which is good news for your supply chains and workforce.

  • Over 35 million potential customers within easy reach.
  • Highly skilled workforce, universities, innovation centres and training hubs offering the complete range of skills for your business.
  • Four motorway junctions, A1, A5 and A6 corridors, less than 15 miles to the M25.
  • Luton-Dunstable Busway provides direct access to London Luton Airport and train station in 15 minutes.
  • Under two hours to the port of Felixstowe.
  • Fast, convenient travel to the UK's major cities from our train stations on 3 national rail routes - Midland, East and West coast mainlines.
  • At the heart of the planned East-West rail route Central London is 32 minutes by train with direct onward travel to mainland Europe.
  • London Luton airport is on our doorstep, offering flights to more than 100 destinations.
  • Stansted and Heathrow Airports are less than an hour's drive.
  • Cranfield Airport offers bespoke business travel.