Better, Stronger, Wiser.... How will you & your team “returning to work” when lockdown is lifted

Time: 14:00 - 14:45

There has been a lot of uncertainty recently. Uncertainty regarding the lockdown being lifted. Uncertainty about what work will look, sound and feel like in the future. However, we can be certain that when everything returns to “normal” (whenever & whatever that might be) you need your people to be ready, focused, motivated and productive. Some have labelled this as being “Match Fit Ready”. 

So as you and your organisation prepare to return, how can you use the events & experiences of living through this crisis to come back better, stronger, wiser & more resilient? 

The subjects on the agenda in this 45 minute webinar session will be:
•Are you providing the leadership that your team need right now? 
•How do you focus yourself & your team despite the uncertainty? 
• Preparing for the “new normal” even when you don’t know exactly what it will be
•Identifying & applying the most valuable lessons learned during the crisis (individually & as a team) 
•Maximising productivity as we emerge from lock down 

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