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At some point during our lives, most of us have found ourselves managing a less than desirable team environment. Team members don’t take ownership and it feels like, as the business owner or leader, you are having to drive performance and results, rather than it coming from the team.

If you can relate to any (not necessarily all) of the points below, this webinar will be for you:

  • “Business results are not as good as they could be”
  • “We are growing successfully but don’t have the right team to support growth”
  • “The team have a good attitude but they don’t apply themselves”
  • “It is often easier to do something myself rather than getting my team to do it”
  • “It feels like I have to micro manage individuals to get stuff done”

In this 1 hour webinar we are going to explore the definition of high-performing teams and the practical steps you can take as a leader or business owner to transition your existing team into high performance.

By the end of the session, you will have the tools and clarity to get your team to take ownership, accountability and responsibility for their own performance, which will positively impact business results.

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