How can the hospitality & leisure sectors prepare for recovery?

Time: 11am - 12pm 

COVID-19 is the most significant challenge the hospitality and leisure sectors have faced. Never before have we seen these markets almost entirely unable to operate. The lockdown has created a precarious business climate for restaurants, bars, cafes and other businesses dependent on guests. This has significantly impacted their bottom line.

Re-opening a business after a period of closure will require changes to processes and services connected to coronavirus to make sure that businesses can restart safely. Businesses must also use this crisis to reassess and restructure their operating model, capitalise on changing consumer trends and look at what they have and what they can do to generate revenue.

This webinar will cover:

 - Guidance to help you work safely and manage the risks associated with running a hospitality or leisure business at this time

 - How to develop revenue strategies to help optimise demand with limited forecasting data and social distancing restrictions 

 - How local companies are developing solutions to make their workplaces as safe as possible and plan to survive in the short-term

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