Central Bedfordshire Council Local Plan

The Central Bedfordshire Local Plan process began in February 2016. The new Plan will set out a vision for how the area will develop in the future up to 2035. It will deal with future needs and opportunities in relation to infrastructure, homes, jobs and businesses, community facilities and the environment. It will also set out the principles that will guide future development, including employment land.

The Local Plan sets out how Central Bedfordshire will develop over the next 20 years. It ensures that you and your family get the homes you need plus all the services, facilities and amenities that great communities are built on, while protecting and enhancing what you love about living in the area.

The Central Bedfordshire Local Plan was submitted to government. It will now be subject to an independent examination by a planning inspector.

The examination is likely to include a series of hearings on what the inspector deems to be critical issues affecting the Local Plan. Respondents who have made representations proposing changes to the Local Plan in order to make it sound and legally-compliant may be invited to participate in a hearing. The selected respondents will be contacted by the planning inspector’s programme officer once the hearing timetable has been finalised.

Why the Local Plan is important?

You live in a popular area set in a great location which means people want to live here, so we need growth.

Our Local Plan will ensure that this growth:

·      happens in the right place

·      fits in with the character of Central Bedfordshire

·      is developed alongside the right supporting roads, schools, services, retail, leisure and community facilities.

Not having a plan means that the growth will still happen, but we will have less control over where it happens and it we cannot ensure growth is supported by transport improvements and community facilities.

We don’t want this to happen.

In this first draft, we are planning for:

·      Homes: 20,000-30,000 new homes

·      Jobs: 24,000-30,000 jobs

·      Transport: Road and rail improvements

·      Services: Schools, shops, leisure facilities and community facilities

·      Countryside: country parks, open space and more.

You can read more about the options for delivering this growth which include new villages, expanding some existing towns and a new town on our website.